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Kommetjie Accommodation, Cape Town
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Kommetjie Accommodation

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Beautiful sight of Kommetjie's Slangkop lighthouse from Cobra Camp, location of an abandoned World War II radar station.  © warrenski, License


Kommetjie has managed to retain its rustic, seaside village appeal, despite its having gained popularity as a commuter suburb. Kommetjie is essentially isolated from Cape Town and nestles between Slangkop Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean. Its name means "the little bowl" and it is quite possibly one of the most beautiful and unspoiled parts of Cape Town. Only 35 km from Cape Town, Kommetjie is linked to the city centre by two incredibly scenic routes - Chapman's Peak Drive and Ou Kaapseweg.

There are 5.5 km of white sandy beach, a protected tidal pool and Kommetjie is famous for its crayfishing season between November and April. Surfers from around the world come to enjoy some excellent surf spots, despite the cold water temperatures. Due to the recent property boom, Kommetjie has become a lot more expensive and plots that cost just £5 in 1905, now go for upwards of R4 million. Despite this, it is still popular amongst those who seek a more rural lifestyle and remains relatively peaceful, even during peak season.

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Kommetjie Accommodation, Cape Town
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