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Twelve Apostles Mountain Range

Twelve Apostles, Cape Town  © South African Tourism

Twelve Apostles Mountain Range

Table Mountain, Cape Town's most famous landmark, is at the northern end of a sandstone mountain range that forms the spine of the Cape Peninsula. To the south of the main plateau is a lower part of the range called the Back Table and on the Atlantic coast of the peninsula, you will find an area that is known as the Twelve Apostles. The Twelve Apostles Mountain Range extends from Table Mountain, above Camps Bay, in the direction of Hout Bay, to Llandudno. The range is called this because the mountain range has twelve peaks which are easily distinguishable. Governor Sir Rufane Donkin named the Twelve Apostles range because of this impressively steep line of sandstone buttresses.

Victoria Road is a long road that stretches from Sea Point all the way to Hout Bay and is the perfect way to experience the Twelve Apostles from the comfort of your car. This lovely coastal road includes at least two passes in its total distance. The 12 Apostles Pass starts at the western end of Camps Bay at Bakoven and ends about 8,5 km later at the natural neck between the last buttress of the Twelve Apostles and Little Lions Head above Llandudno. It is a road which is appreciated and revered by locals and tourists alike and is well engineered with properly banked turns and smooth curves. The pass offers fabulous views of the Atlantic coastline and the Twelve Apostles.

There are lots of lovely areas to hike in the Twelve Apostles, one of these hikes is the Pipe Track. If you are wanting to experience the beauty of Table Mountain, without those tough uphill's which abound on mountain ranges, then this hike is for you. The trail is relatively flat and offers great views of Camps Bay beach and the Twelve Apostles. This hike at the base of Table Mountain, winds its way along a contour path where Cape Town's first fresh water was piped from the reservoirs on top of the mountain. There are fantastic photo opportunities and as well as many spots to stop for a break or lunch. Depending how far you want to walk, this trail can take as long as 4 hours for a round trip.

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