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Clovelly Golf Course

Clovelly Golf Course

Where rolling green grass is wrapped by fynbos covered mountains and sand dunes in the south. The club house, a colonial masterpiece overlooks what is known as one of the most beautiful golf courses in the Cape region. Visitors from around the world frequent the fairways at Clovelly and it is not difficult to see why the course and its facilities are rated in the top 50 in the country. As up to 60 000 rounds of golf are played here annually in it understandable that any trips to Clovelly Golf Course be planned and booked well in advance.

The Course is an 18 hole Par 70 with a 24 (Competition) Handicap, spread out over 5.89km. The course is open all year although Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays all day are members only. Please note that the golf course and its facilities have a strict dress code, details of which can be obtained from the bookings office

Bookings can be made on Tel: +27-21-7842100 or email: bookings@clovelly.co.za

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