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Peers Cave

Peers Cave

In 1926 Victor Peers and his son Bertie came across a large cave on the sand dune ridge which at the time was known as Schildergat cave. They came across items they suspected to be artifacts and had them examined, their suspicions were confirmed. The two were then trained in techniques to be used in an archaeological dig and began excavation on the cave in 1927. They found relics such as stone stools, spear heads, ostrich beads, shell pendants as well was the remains of a number of bodies. One of the skulls has been recorded as being 12000 years old and has been named, Fish Hoek Man. The cave was later named after the father and son team and became known as Peers Cave.

For those interested in visiting the cave, you can still gain entrance but only after a tiring climb up the sand dunes which guard its entrance.

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