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Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

The Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens began with the creation of a hedgerow of wild almond known as the van Riebeeck's hedge, which was planted as a border to keep the cattle where they belonged. Cecil Rhodes purchased the land in 1895 and planted a wonderful collection of camphor trees on what is now called Camphor Ave. When he died, the property was given to the City and has gradually grown into the world-class botanical garden that we see today.

The Protea Garden boasts the world's best collection of proteas. It is best visited during the cooler wet months between June and October when these plants are flowering.

The Restio Garden has a wonderful display of these grassy reed-like members of fynbos.

A Water-Wise Garden educates gardeners in water conservation and the techniques that can be applied to their home garden.

The Peninsula Garden specialises in floral species characteristic of the unique habitat of the Cape Peninsula.

The Medicinal Garden explains the curious medicinal values of South African herbs and other plants.

The Fragrance Garden is a treat for the blind where plants with special textures and scents can be appreciated and provides an interesting test of your olfactory acuity.

The Kirstenbosch Garden Fair is an annual event that takes place every March just outside the front gates where the public may purchase plants.

- from the city follow the M3 (De Waal Dr) south to the first traffic lights
- turn right into the M63 (Rhodes Dr)
- the entrance to Kirstenbosch Garden is a short distance on the right

Tel: (021) 799 8899

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