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Elsies Peak

Elsies Peak Walk

The Car Park adjacent to the Garden of Remembrance on Kommetjie Road will be the start of this 2 hour walk. The walk gets its name from the "Rooiels Trees" and will take you from the parking lot, up stairs between the houses, onto the open mountainside and up the peak to the radio mast at the top. From Glencairn to Simonstown in the South and False Bay to Strand and beyond in the North, the Elsies Peak Walk is a panoramic window on a beautiful part of South Africa. Not only are the sights inspiring but there are also other sensory experiences too. Not far from the start of the trail you will be able to stop, sit down and take in the strong aromas of the fynbos, there are plenty of erica species and the blomb has a pungent herbal aroma.
Even on the hottest day the Cape winds can pick up and the icy chill will cut through you, so always be prepared and take a windbreaker with you when setting out on this walk. The walk can get steep at times although there are various paths to follow depending of your level of fitness. You are permitted to take dogs on the walk as long as they are on a leashes and the walk is often used by locals for this purpose.

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