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Harfield Village Carnival

Harfield Village Carnival
The Harfield Village Carnival is an annual event which takes place on the last Saturday in November, in Harfield, Kenilworth, Cape Town. The street is closed off and the party begins. There is something for everyone. The whole family will enjoy the festivities. Live music adds to the festive atmosphere with over 150 stalls selling everything from arts and crafts, clothing, jewellery, toys and delicious food. This is a great way to start ticking off your Christmas shopping list. Find those unique gifts for your special friends and family.

The Street Carnival is popular amongst locals and visitors and gets bigger and better each year. The restaurants and pubs in the area are open and it is a relaxing way to enjoy the festivities and the social aspect of the event. The Carnival starts at 9:30 until late.

Entrance to the carnival is free, bring the whole family and invite a friend.

For more information visit www.harfield-village.co.za or phone +27(0)21-683-1912.

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