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Dragon Boat Festival Regatta

Dragon Boat Festival Regatta

Muizenberg is one of the original seaside holiday towns in the Cape peninsula with Cecil John Rhodes being one of the very first people to buy a holiday home in the picturesque village. The town has a lot going for it, things that keep people coming back year after year include; white beaches that stretch for almost 40 kilometres; the warm water which is a major contrast to the waters of Clifton; the surfing; the view across False Bay; the mountain and its walking trails; the laid back atmosphere and of course the Annual Dragon Boat Festival Regatta.

Dragon Boats originated in China more than 2250 years ago when Qu Yuan combined team spirit, sense of community and the determination to reach a goal into the rowing sport which took teams of 17 to 20 paddlers in a long, narrow canoe and working together tactfully yet energetically. A drummer in the bow sets the rhythm, while the sweep in the back maintains the course. Spectators are treated to an undoubted spectacle over short and medium distances.

The Cape of Good Hope Rotary Club hosts the Annual Dragon Boat Festival Regatta at Zandvlei in Muizenberg (Zandvlei Estuary was established in 1988 to protect the indigenous fauna and flora of the wetlands of the area), Cape Town. The racing of dragon boats was introduced to South Africa in 1992 and companies and other Rotary Clubs are invited to participate in this fun event. Unlike the original events, in the Annual Dragon Boat Festival Regatta the teams are made up of ten paddlers and a helmsman who take to the water and paddle in time to the beat of a drum to see who can make it across the finish line. There are usually four boats per heat fighting it out to make it through to the exciting final.

For more information on the Annual Dragon Boat Festival Regatta and future dates please contact:
Richard Parsons:
Tel: +27-21-7853410
Mob: +27-82-7867151

Muizenberg is about 20 minutes from Cape Towns city centre. It iss easily accessible via Main Road but an easier and speedier option is the M3. It is also on the southern train line, so you dont have to worry about your own transport.

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