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Baboon Matters

Baboon Matters

The Baboon Matters Trust

These incredible human-like creatures are just fascinating to watch and even better when you get to walk amongst them and see them up close!

The Baboon Matters Trust is a non-profit organisation which consists of a team of dedicated individuals who are passionate about baboon conservation in South Africa. The Trust aims to raise awareness about the plight of the baboons as well as educating and training the public so that sustainable solutions can be found for areas of conflict between baboons and humans.

Whilst visiting Baboon Matters, you will get to experience a two to three hour guided hike where you'll get to view the four troops very closely. This allows you to see the gentler side of baboons and the amazing way in which they live.

Baboon monitors have been employed to keep baboons out of the nearby villages, which helps keep them and the village residents safe. These monitors go through an extensive training program.

This is definitely a worthwhile project to support and a lovely outing for the entire family. Your money will go towards the conservation of the baboons.


Tel: +27 (021) 783 2630
Email: info@baboonmatters.org.za
Website: www.baboonmatters.org.za
Address: 12 Glen Road, Cape Town

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