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Mariners Wharf, Fishing Harbour

Make the trip out to the wharf & enjoy the authentic harbour setting  © Darren Glanville, License

Mariners Wharf, Fishing Harbour

This Mariner Wharf on the shore of the infamous Hout Bay in Cape Town has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It is one of a kind with scenic views all around. The Wharf is always a buzz with visitors from all over the world and locals soaking up the well known welcoming charm. There is a restaurant where you will enjoy good food with good friends and you are welcomed with the contagious charismatic vibe.

The wharf thrives on tourism and there are many boat tours to take locals and visitors out into the harbour to watch the seals and enjoy the magnificent views from the waters.
While in Cape Town, make the trip out to the wharf and enjoy the authentic harbour setting, an experience not to be missed. The harbour is full of character, with plenty of things to do and see and people to meet.

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