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Hout Bay Museum

Hout Bay Museum

The Western Cape town of Hout Bay has rich history this story is told in this charming cottage Museum. Hout Bay Museum can be found on Andrews Road in Hout Bay and is a great place to get your historical bearings. The museum has displays on the history of the Hout Bay valley and its people, focusing on forestry, mining, and the fishing industry up to modern times. The museum also organizes weekly guided nature walks into the surrounding mountains. The museum also has exhibits on the early strandlopers (hunter gatherers), who lived in the Cape when the first Europeans arrived. The Museum is beautifully laid out and visitors can spend many hours finding out where Hout Bay came from and how it grew from a few farms and a Fort, into the thriving fishing village it is today. The Hout Bay community, to this day, has a treasure trove of history in their possession and as time goes by more and more historic artefacts will be added from these donors in an around the community. Although The Hout Bay Museum is a relatively small museum (when compared to other museums), historians believe that it is truly is a Hidden Gem.

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