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Camel Rides at Imhoff Farm

Camel Rides at Imhoff Farm
The Camel Rides at Imhoff Farm are an exciting and unique attraction. The Imhoff Farm is situated in the beautiful town of Kommetjie in the Western Cape, South Africa. The farm offers many attractions and this is one of those that you just cannot miss out on. The whole family is invited to join in the fun and excitement, it's not like riding a horse, it's a very different experience all together.

The children enjoy riding the camels as much as it is fun for the adults to try it out. At the beginning of September, two new young camels arrived at the farm. They fitted in perfectly with the rest of the camels and seemed very comfortable in their new home. The two new camels are popular amongst the children as they are still much smaller than the other camels and aren't strong enough yet to carry adults.
Invite the whole family and your friends to enjoy the day out with you, it is definitely something different and not something you will get to do anywhere.

Camel Rides are available from Tuesday to Sundays and on Public Holidays from 12 noon to 4pm. Rides are weather permitting.
For more information contact 082 344 3163 or visit www.imhofffarm.co.za

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