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Glencairn Accommodation, Cape Town
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Glencairn Accommodation

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Glencairn is a small but beautiful town between Fish Hoek and Simons Town and is a popular holiday destinations for relaxation and beach goers.

Boulders Beach Penguin Colony is one of Cape Towns most popular beaches. Boulders Beach Penguin Colony was established in 1983 when a pair of penguins chose this Boulders Beach to lay their eggs. Locals and visitors are attracted to Boulders Beach Penquin Colony to see the penguins and the granite boulders that line the coast. Another enjoyable day out while visiting Glencairn is the Noordhoek Farm Village which in incredibly charming and relaxing for the whole family. Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee and freshly baked bread and enjoy the Cape wines and the local artwork displayed. While visiting Glencairn you must take a trip to the well known Cape Point Nature Reserve which is well known for the gale force winds and was thus named the Cape of Storms. Here you can visit the Cape Point Lighthouse or just enjoy some time on the pristine beaches.

Glencairn enjoys warm to hot summer months with cool to very cold winter months with most rainfall during the winter months.

Nearby Points Of Interest




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Glencairn Accommodation, Cape Town
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