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The Roundhouse

The Roundhouse Restaurant was built in the 1700's and has a welcoming charm. But it's history is not that of a restaurant. It is situated in the upmarket area in the Western Cape, Camps Bay.

Jan Carel Horak, the director of Shambles (Butchers Slaughterhouse) bought Roodekrantze estate on the 4 April 1814, the deeds office files of 1813 mentioned that there was a circular building on the property. This building was later identidied as a guard house built in 1786, and was 15ft in diameter. Rev. Mr. Campbell described the building as "built of wood, in the form of a circle, with four gun cupboards".
It was and still is known for its amazing views of the Cape and Sir John Craddock let it during his term of duty between 1811 and 1814. In 1814 General Lord Charles Henry Somerset became governor of the Cape and used it as a "Shooting Box" (Hunting Lodge) often. This being the history more commonly refered to by the locals.
Today the Roundhouse is an up market restaurant. What a combination: a superb menu, great service and breathtaking views. Come and enjoy all that under one roof with friends, family or the one you love. This is definitely the venue of choice for a dining experience of a life time. You will be back again and again.

The Roundhouse is popular so bookings are essential well in advance.

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