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Sophea Gallery

The Sophea Gallery houses an extensive collection of Tibetan Art and Artefacts. It is set in a beautiful old house which overlooks the magnificent False Bay of the Western Cape, South Africa.

The Sophea Gallery and Tibetan Teahouse offers "Food for Body and Soul". The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. The Gallery is made up of other sections, each of them unique.

The Shop
The Shop offers exquisite silver jewellery and Tibetan Artefacts. These are mostly specialised Buddhist artefacts such as Tibetan Prayer Flags, Singing Bowls and Butter lamps to mention only a few. There are also many Tibetan traditional stones, statues and masks which were made by a sculptor from Patan in Nepal.

The Sanctuary
The Sanctuary is where you can enjoy personal time, taking care of your soul. This is where most of the events take place such as talks, singing bowl healing meditations and teachings by visiting monks to mention only a few.
Singing Bowl Healing Meditations
Every first Wednesday at 11am and every last Saturday at 2pm. Cost is free.
Every Thursday at 11am - half hour meditation - guided, silence, music or chant.
Sanctuary Sundays
Every first Sunday at 11am - Shambala Meditation and Teachings.
Every second Sunday at 11am - Exploring Contemporary Spirituality.
Every third Sunday at 11am - Sound Meditation & Chakra Balancing.
Every last Sunday at 11am - Sufi Chanting.

The Sophea Gallery specialises in spiritual art which keeps the exhibition interesting and dynamic. The theme of the gallery changes every three months which allows artists time to prepare specific works. Artists who wish to exhibit their work can contact Anna Slabbert on 021-786-1544.

The Gallery is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm daily. For more information contact 021-786-1544 or visit www.sopheagallery.com

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