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Spring Splash

Spring Splash

And they say the best things in life are free, well this is one of those rare moments where this can be proven, a moment which repeats itself once each year in the False Bay town of Fish Hoek. But it is not a moment or an experience for the faint hearted, but rather one for the bold and courageous, its a beach outing where shape, size or age doesnt play a role, its the Spring Splash at Fish Hoek Beach. One thing we know all to well, especially in South Africa is mother nature doesn't always play by the rules, so whether its a beautiful sunny day or a cold wet one, no one seems to inform mother nature that she should turn the water temperature up for spring as brave participants line the shore to take the plunge into the icy water to celebrate the beginning of spring. If laughter warms the soul, then at least the Spring Splash will give you a good dose, as the days events are sure to bring a smile to many a face. Some of the events which have been organised in the past as part of the festivities have included the attempt to do the worlds longest Line Dance with music and dancing, sand building competitions, kiddies Treasure Hunts, Karaoke singing competitions and generally a good time had by all. The annual Spring Splash is held on Fish Hoek beach on the Sunday closest to the 1 September each year to celebrate spring on the Cape Point Route, when at exactly 15:00, the signal sounds and the mad dash into the water begins.

So for all you brave souls out there, its time to start having those cold water showers, because it's training time for the annual Fish Hoek Spring Splash.

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