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Hout Bay Harbour Accommodation, Cape Town
South African Tourism

Hout Bay Harbour Accommodation

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Aerial view of Hout Bay Harbour, Cape Town  © South African Tourism

Hout Bay Harbour

Hout Bay was named by the Dutch explorers who found the wooded valley and the name literally means “wood bay”. The timber was used to help build Cape Town. The town is a charismatic fishing village with a harbour bustling with small authentic working fishing vessels that supply Cape Town with the fresh catch of the day.

When you arrive, you will find yourself instantly looking out to sea. This sociable village boasts the most mesmerising views, as Hout Bay is set in a fold of sea-lapped mountains that look out across the Atlantic Ocean.

The Hout Bay Harbour is lively and can be a bit fishy some days – it is a working harbour for the tuna and crayfishing industries. Many tourism activities such as boat trips, diving, and fishing are hosted here.  The harbour is the 9th most visited tourist attraction in Cape Town and includes a yacht and boat marina, a working fleet (and factories), a craft market, Mariners Wharf (best lobster in the city) and a couple of fish and chips outlets. 

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Hout Bay Harbour Accommodation, Cape Town
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