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Lion's Head

A view from the top of Table Mountain showing Lion's Head (left), Robben Island & Cape Town Stadium  © Kay-africa, License

Lion's Head

There is a moderately strenuous hiking trail of about and hour and 50 minutes that spirals up around Lion's Head that gives a much better view of the city and also overlooks Camps Bay and Sea Point . The trail begins at a gravel parking lot located under a patch of bluegum trees near the beginning of Signal Hill Rd.

There is quite a steep rock that you need to climb to reach the top, you can get up this with the help of mountain chains. But for the less adventurous there is an alternative route which does take a bit longer. Loin's Head is a spectacular site during the full moon. Unfortunately a number of muggings have also been reported recently by hikers taking this trail also it isn't suitable for the elderly and young children.

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