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Cape Town Holocaust Centre

The Cape Town Holocaust Centre is the first and only Holocaust Centre to be established in Africa. © Robert Cutts, License

Cape Town Holocaust Centre

The Cape Town Holocaust Centre was created not only as a memorial to the victims of the Nazi Holocaust, but as a stark reminder of the dire consequences of allowing racism and anti-Semitism to fester in our societies.

On display at the Centre are various exhibits depicting the horrors of the Holocaust. These exhibits consist of photos, film, artifacts and other media that illustrate life in the Jewish ghettos of Nazi Germany and how the 3rd Reich under the leadership of Adolf Hitler was able to ruthlessly carry out a mass genocide, which the Nazi regime euphemistically referred to as "The Final Solution".

88 Hatfield Street, Gardens
1st floor of the Albow Centre

Sun -Thurs: 10:00-17:00
Fri: 10:00-13:00
Sat: closed

- free

TEL: (021) 4625553

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