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Zonnebloem Accommodation, Cape Town
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Zonnebloem (Previously know as District 6), has a rather historic background. This area of the Western Cape was established in the 1800's originally for freed slaves, merchants, labourers and immigrants. Unfortunately during the apartheid times these people were forced out as the Government declared that area for whites only. Naturally the residents were outraged and refused to move. Eventually they were forcefully removed and the initial plans carried out. Currently, District 6, now known only as Zonnebloem (Dutch word meaning sunflower) is open to all people and housing is still being built for those wanting to return to the picturesque area that thrived with mixed life and the sound of music on the street corners. Zonnebloem is accessed via Tennant Road and Sir Lowry Road and is a must see for those either wanting to relax or to learn more about the Western Cape.

While visiting Zonnebloem, you should visit the historic Castle of Good Hope which boasts a 300kg bell that was effectively used during the war. You can also enjoy the guided tours through the Castle Military Museum and Dungeon and Torture room. The District Six Museum was created in 1867 and has many historical exhibits from the apartheid era such as, photographs, paintings, newspaper clippings about the District Six Area. The museum is open from Mondays to Saturdays. Through the monmth of January, Cape Town truly celebrates the new year in carnival style with a festive street party which starts in District Six.

Zonnebloem enjoys warm to hot, dry summer months with wet and cold winter months.
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Zonnebloem Accommodation, Cape Town
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