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Cape Medical Museum

The Cape Medical Museum in Green Point is a fascinating and sometimes shocking glimpse into the world of medical practice in turn-of-the-century Cape Town. The museum also examines the plants used by hunter-gatherer societies that first inhabited the Cape, as well as the traditional medicines used by Sangomas of the Xhosa tribes.

The Disease and history exhibition displays information and photos about South African medicine, including the world's first heart transplant through to the treatment of AIDS.

The Dispensary Room contains hundreds of glass bottles containing dubious potions from the turn of the century. The museum also has an operating theatre, complete with chloroform and stainless steel hack-saws used for amputation. The Dentist Office has an early 20th century dental chair with a foot-driven dental drill, along with many other dental instruments.

The Traditional Medicine exhibit contains a vast collection of roots, plants, and animal parts, many of which are still being used by sangomas today. The exhibition also contains a collection of items used for "throwing the bones", a method of diagnosis used by these modern-day witch doctors.

Portswood Road, Green Point, Cape Town
Tel: (021)418.5663

Tue-Fri: 9:30 - 16:00

By donation

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