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Infecting the City

Infecting the City
Infecting the City (ITC) is an annual Festival which is held in Cape Town, South Africa. This event is growing bigger and better and more popular amongst the locals and visitors each year. The festival is brought to Cape Town by Africa Centre and it turns Cape Town upside down with public art. The plazas and squares theatres and the pavements turn into art galleries. The atmosphere is electric and exciting.

The artworks on the Festival were divided into four sections, The Jewels, City Treasures, Slices of Life and The Music Gems.
The Jewels were a collection of short performances, all of which were exciting and intriguing. Each day brought a new diversity of interesting and exciting performances to its audience from Ballet, Jazzing, Irish Dancing, Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony, Opera, Piper System, Ratiep, Tai Chi, Greek Dancing and Xhosa Stick Fighting to mention only a few.
The City Treasures brought out hidden threads from the world we live in and crafted fascinating journeys to the audience. They brought a variety of productions to the city from hidden rivers, forgotten monuments, sculptures and heritage sites. Each production was first class and well performed.

The Productions:
First Class Treasures Floral Kingdom Golden Eggs: Sick Hens Invisible Gold Ratiep Display Relics of Place Satellite Galleries Shack Theatre Strand Talking Heads - "Making the Future" The No.1 Unexpected Undercover Cleaning Agency The Ministery for THe glorious PreservAtion oF the Kultural TReasures of the Mother City The Pen is Mightier than the Sword Treasure Hunt: Time Flies Urban Diamonds Watermarks: once there was a river

Slices of Life is a dynamic team who dealt with the critical issue of garbage in the community. The statistics are frightening. On the first day of Infecting The City, 20 piles of "Slices of Life" were displayed on the Festival Hub and gave an intriguing insight into our lifestyles. Slices of Life brings awareness to the festival of how destructive this waste is.
Slices of Life Artists:
Brendhan Dickerson, Hannelie Coetzee, Heath Nash, Igshaan Adams, James Clayton, Nomthunzi Mashalaba, Simon Max Bannister and Usha Seejarim.

The Music Gems brought that carnival feel to the festival. Throughout the festival the city was brought to life with a collection of rhythms by these productions:
Car Guard Quartet
Goema Symphony
Delta Soetstemme
Loit Sols
Playing with Fire
Spaza Hip Hop
Taiko Drumming
Zamanani Brothers

The festival offers a fun filled programme for all ages and attracts art lovers as well as the ordinary man on the street. Be sure not to miss out on this unique and extravagant festival.

For more information visit www.infectingthecity.com

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