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Cape Gourmet Festival

Cape Gourmet Festival
The Cape Gourmet Festival is one of Cape Town's popular annual festivals which takes place during the month of May and attracts locals and visitors from around the world. The feast offers fine cuisine and gourmet events which take place along Cape Town's streets, hotels, coffee shops and restaurants. The festival runs over two weeks and features a huge variety of tastes for everyone.

The festival is all about the unique experience with an irresistible menu of culinary events in style. Thousands of food lovers come together to taste, talk, live and learn. There will be workshops and wine tasting to mention only a few of the very exciting events that will be held during the festival. The Gourmet Festival is very popular and brings many delicious and new flavours to South Africans. It is truly an experience that caters for everyone's taste. It is not to be missed and you will get to learn so much, taste so many new foods and meet new people too.

For more information on the Cape Gourmet Festival, contact the offices on (021)465-0069 or visit www.gourmetsa.com

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