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Green Point Market

Green Point Market
The Green Point Market is a weekly event which takes place outside the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town. The market is held every Sunday and also on Public Holidays. It is one of the largest markets you will find in the city.
The atmosphere is vibrant and inviting. It is popular amongst locals and visitors from around the country. The market offers live music which adds to the vibrant atmosphere and the buzz of chatter and laughter amongst the people. There's a large variety of stalls with many great traditional African arts and crafts, curios, CD's and books. This is a great craft market. The streets are also filled with live entertainment as various artists perform and entertain you.

The market is wheelchair friendly and the whole family is invited to enjoy the day. The market opens from 8am til 5pm on Sundays and on public holidays so be sure to mark this event on your calendar.
For more information contact 021-439-4805 - Dale Lewis.

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