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Greenmarket Square-Cape Town-South Africa

Greenmarket Square & Art Deco buildings behind  © Jorge Lscar, License

Greenmarket Square-Cape Town-South Africa

Greenmarket Square ,situated neatly in Cape Town's CBD, is a hot spot for curio shopping and much more. You can pick up little pieces of Africa for a price that wont hurt your pocket, but don't forget that bartering is the name of the game.

It was built in 1696, Declared a notational monument in 1961. Its original use was for slaves to sell fresh fruit and vegetables (hence the very original name) and for the ships to trade their goods and restock their ship for their next long journey. This cobble stone Square has become a major flee market and a must see when visiting Cape Town. It is surrounded by restaurants and coffee shops, so when your feet need a rest, there is plenty place to sit, relax and absorb the energy of Greenmarket Square.

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