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Heritage Square

Heritage Square
The Heritage Square is a beautiful are in central Cape Town in South Africa. It is alive with people, new cars, old buildings which have been beautifully restored and it all works together. The atmosphere is trendy cosmopolitan and this is where people come to unwind and relax with friends and family. What was almost destined to be a demolition site has become this stunning and very popular Heritage Square. A lot of hard work went into this and fortunately the battle of preservation was won by the passionate public who opposed the development.
The Cape Town Heritage Trust was established in 1987. Fourteen properties were donated by the City Council and after lengthy negotiations; the restoration of the block was on its way. Partnerships were made and working side by side with the developer, the Heritage Trust restored all the associated outbuildings and warehouses as well.
When you visit the Heritage Square, you will understand the beauty of it. The hotel boasts fifteen bedrooms and superb restaurants are to be found on the block as well as a variety of retail outlets, offices and many more. Take a glimpse into what Cape Town was like almost two hundred years ago, walk through the Square and enjoy the vibe.

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