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Cape Town Military Tattoo

Cape Town Military Tattoo

Generally held in November at the Castle of Good Hope, the Cape Town Military Tattoo is said to be one of the only regular annual military tattoos on the African continent. Each year a dedicated team works together to produce a show that will not only entertain the locals but also educate them as well as the visitors that travel from outside of the country especially for the event.

The production team includes full time and part time military personnel who work for months to perfect the event. All this preparation culminates in trumpeters sounding, muzzle-loading cannons, belching smoke, noise and firing into the darkened arena as the Cape Town Military Tattoo springs to life. Although the tattoo was not staged between 2004 and 2007 it has since become a regular event on the Cape Town calendar, and promises each year to surpass the offering of the year before. The Cape Town Military Tattoo is primarily funded by the South African National Defence Force and supported by the Cape Town City Council and is held at one of Cape Towns historical sites. In days gone by a drummer would climb the stairs to the Leerdam Bastion at the castle, just before nightfall, and play his drum for thirty minutes to let the off duty soldiers of the Castle garrison know that it was time to return to their barracks for the evening parade and guard duties. Along with all the other explosive sounds of the Cape Town Military Tattoo, it brings back the sound of the beating drums which could be heard throughout Cape Town all those hundreds of years before.

Each year the Castle Guard open the Tattoo with Tchaikovskys 1812 Overture, and the Cape Field Artillerys Saluting Troop fire thunder into the night sky. The sounds of the usual foot tapping traditional military marches is combined with some famous old tunes, which are embedded in the Cape s heritage to ensure that an amazing nights entertainment is had by all. And then there is the Final Muster when the evenings performers gather to wish the audience farewell until next year.

Without fail, tickets to the event are sold out before the first show even starts and it is advised that anyone wishing to visit the Cape Town Military Tattoo should visit computicket and book tickets well in advance.

Bookings can be made at Computicket
Tel: +27-83-9158000
Tel: +27-11-3408000

Venue: Castle of Good Hope
Gates open: 17:30
Spectators to be seated: 20:00

For more information, admission costs and future dates please contact during working hours: Monday to Friday (08:00-15:30):
Tel: +27-21-7871162
Fax: +27-21-7871334
Or email: so1.drowc@gmail.com

Physical address
C/O Darling and Buitenkant Streets
Cape Town

The Castle is accessible for wheel chairs and if you should need any help, ask one of the ushers.

Due to limited space and a security risk the organisers can not allow picnic baskets inside the premises. There are however refreshments on sale at De Goewerneur Restaurant and various food stalls. Pre-show dinners can be reserved at the Castles famous De Goewerneur Restaurant at +27-21-7871202 or theuns@capetowncastle.co.za

There will be secure parking available at Darling Street and the Grand Parade.

The Cape Town Military Tattoo is an event for the whole family and excessive noise will be limited to gunfire during the various acts.

Organisers suggest you bring a warm jacket or blanket.

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