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District Six Museum

Inside the District Six Museum, Cape Town  © Monica Kaneko, License

District Six Museum

Cape Town's Sixth Municipal District was created in 1867. It was a very lively part of town composed of former slaves, immigrants, and various other members of the working class. In 1901 the government forcibly removed all black citizens from the district. This was only the beginning of a long dark history of forced removals that were later to be enforced by the government of South Africa under the policy of apartheid (apartness).

In 1965 the apartheid government declared District Six to be a whites-only area under the Group Areas Act. Over the next 15 years 60,000 mainly coloured citizens were forcibly evicted and relocated to the Cape Flats.

The museum consists of a number of exhibits containing photos, paintings, newspaper articles and various other items that help illustrate the history of District Six and serves as memorial to those who suffered under the inhumane injustices of the apartheid regime.

25A Buitenkant Street, Gardens, Cape Town

(021) 466-7200

Mon: 09:00 to 15:00
Tues- Sat: 09:00 to 16:00

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