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Sir Lowry's Pass Accommodation, Cape Town
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Sir Lowry's Pass Accommodation

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  • Sir Lowry's Pass snaking across the Hottentots-Holland mountain range  © Iryna Kuchma , License
  • Sir Lowry's Pass is a mountain pass on the N2. It crosses the Hottentots-Holland mountain range between Somerset West & Grabouw  © Iryna Kuchma, License

Sir Lowry's Pass

The small Western Cape village of Sir Lowry's Pass is situated just inland from Gordon's Bay at the foot of the Hottentots-Holland Mountains. The village is named after the extremely picturesque pass itself, which is on the N2 national route just outside the village. As you cross the mountains from East to West through Sir Lowry's Pass you are suddenly presented with a spectacular view of the whole of the Cape Town area with the mountains and the sea.

There are two excellent hiking trails that start at the summit of Sir Lowry's Pass and take the visitor into the Hottentots-Holland Nature Reserve. Visitors will walk through one of the world's richest floral kingdoms with over 1500 species of indigenous plants to be seen along the trail. Three streams pass out of the mountains to pass through the village. This is the perfect stopover for visitors to the Cape region.

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Sir Lowry's Pass Accommodation, Cape Town
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