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Sea Farm Private Nature Reserve

Sea Farm Private Coastal Nature Reserve

Located between Pringle Bay and Betty's Bay you will find the rare gem called Sea Farm Private Coastal Nature Reserve. The reserve is a protected conservancy area that covers 250ha of land, with rare fauna and flora and a couple of privately owned residential properties which blend seamlessly into the protected fynbos environment. For those a little more security conscious amongst us it is good to know that access to the reserve is via a locked boom gate and is strictly controlled and a full time warder lives on the reserve.

Situated at the foot of, and stretching from the slopes of the Hangklip Mountain, the Reserve is a whale watching hotspot and the area abounds with birdlife such as oystercatchers, Egyptian sacred ibises, cormorants, franklins and eagles along with free roaming animals such as meerkat, mongoose, lynx, small buck. Some residents say that there is a reclusive leopard which is believed to live in the upper reaches of the Hangklip cliffs. The areas beach is safe for swimming and snorkelling and is regarded as one of the best spots for diving for crayfish and is also suited to launching small boats.

Sea Farm Private Coastal Nature Reserve is a perfect getaway and is only about an hour's drive from Cape Town

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