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Cape Winelands Film Festival

Cape Winelands Film Festival

Along with workshops, masterclasses and writing competitions for screenplays, the Cape Winelands Film Festival serves as a platform for the discovery of new and emerging talent. The organisers are committed to nurturing and developing new filmmakers and what they have to offer, not only the local but also the global film industry. There are dozens of festivities which range from open air film screenings to educational talks on film, informal receptions with guest celebrities to over a dozen cooking demos, live entertainment, barrel tastings and fun for all ages. But the main competition around which the festival revolves is the special award for first time directors working with limited budgets but there are also the following awards;The Grand Prix Jury Award, Best Feature Film Award, Best South African Feature Film, Best Documentary Award, Best South African Documentary, Best Short Film Award, Best South African Short Film, Best Animation Award and the Inspiration Award for First time feature film directors.

2012 will see the fifth annual presentation of the Cape Winelands Film Festival (CWFF), which has been scheduled to take place from the 14 to the 24 March 2012. The festival will be presented by Films for Africa and the City of Cape Town, and Cape Film Commission and will screen approximately 180 films during the ten day festival in Cape Town and the heart of South Africas wine region Stellenbosch. The 2011 festival received more than 740 submissions from 52 countries, though only 180 Feature films, documentaries and short films could be selected. Films without domestic theatrical distribution and films from first-time feature directors were especially welcomed.

The following are the award winners from the 2011 festival;

Grand Prix Award: Princess - Dir. Arto Halonen (Finland)
Best Director Award: Marko Raat - Snow Queen ( Estonia)
Special Mention: Do Elephants Pray? - Dir. Paul Hills (UK)

Best Documentary Award: The World according to Ion B - Dir. Alexander Nanau (Romania)
Best South African Documentary Award: Afrikaaps - Dir. Dylan Valley (South Africa)
Special Mention: There Once Was an Island - Dir Briar March (New Zealand)

Best Short Film Award: Flock (Artalde) - Dir. Asier Altuna (Spain)
Best South African Short Film: The Bullet - Dir. Michael Klein (South Africa)
Special Mention: Through Glass - Dir. Igor Chojna (Poland)

One of the newest additions to the festivals line up was the Mobile Phone Filmmakers workshop which will was held at the Cape Winelands Film Festival from the 16 to 26 March 2011. One of the biggest changes the film industry has seen was the change to the most basic rule of filmmaking since its inception the "dont roll tape (or film) until you are sure" rule. With the invent of smaller cameras and easier editing methods the rule has been reversed and now says that if you have a creative idea rather shoot it, cut it and see what it looks like because it does not cost anything to try. There is an ever increasing number of Internationally awarded filmmakers who are experimenting with mobile phone technology, and the public and the industry needs to realise that they are on the verge of a real digital revolution. The director of South Korean movies Old Boy, Lady Vengeance and Thirst, said that his new fantasy come horror movie Paranmanjang was shot entirely on Apple iPhone 4.

The Media Academy and the Cape Winelands Film Festival organised the eight day FREE workshop on mobile phone filmmaking during the Cape Winelands Film Festival in 2011 and called on young people who wanted to be part of this unique experience and who had a creative background to apply for the course.
For more information on the Mobile Phone Filmmakers workshop please Contact:
Dominique Vandenhoudt
Email: dominique@media-academy.co.za

What sets the Cape Winelands Film Festival apart from the many other film festivals worldwide is the distinctive approach to film programming, committed celebrity guests and friendly leisurely pace. You will have plenty of time to enjoy wine and everything else that this beautiful part of South Africa and the Western Cape has to offer.

So dont just imagine yourself in South Africas world famous vacation spot, with locals and visitors alike converging during the wine countries biggest celebration of world cinema in the Cape Winelands, BE THERE!

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