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Lushof Wine Estate

Lushof Wine Estate

Fourteen hectares of immaculately cultivated Helderberg vineyards can be found high on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountain, where a small family run farm has made its mark on the Stellenbosch Wine Route. The Lushof Wine Estate with its spectacular views of Table Mountain and near perfect conditions for growing high quality grapes has become known both locally and internationally as a producer of fine wines since its first wines were produced for the Millennium in 2000. Today the family run farm grows its own grapes, produces, matures and bottles the wine all on the estate ensuring optimal control of quality, putting the emphasis on quality and not on quantity. Lushof has a state of the art boutique cellar which together with its immaculately cultivated vineyards, bear testimony to their philosophy of achieving quality through attention to detail.

The family at Lushof Wine Estate invite you to visit them on the Helderberg and enjoy some of the Stellenbosch Wine Routes finest wine with them at their new cellar and tasting facility.

For more information please contact:
Tel: +27-21-8553134
Fax: +27-21-8553623
Or email: info@lushof.co.za

Lushof Wine Estate can be found on the Eikendal Road just off the R44, Stellenbosch.

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