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The Disa River Waterfall

Disa River Waterfall, Harold Porter National Botanical Garden, Bettys Bay  © Derek Keats, License

The Disa River Waterfall

The Disa River Waterfall

The Disa River waterfall can be found on the Disa River trail in the Harold Porter National Botanical Gardens. The trail follows the Disa River (named after the red Disa orchids which flower on the cliff faces) up as far as this beautiful waterfall. The waterfall which is easily accessible by wheelchair is best viewed in the winter months when the river torrents over the rocky lip and falls into a 16 metre deep pool below. Although quite clear the amber water turns into an ink black mass only a metre or two below the surface of the pool and visibility becomes zero. The waterfall is accessed by a Z shaped bridge which was originally built above the weir in the 1950s. The bridge enabled easy crossing of the river to view the waterfall and to allow the materials for the dam, which was built above the waterfall, to be carried in.
This is a very easy short trail - 950 m from the entrance to its destination at the waterfall, about 30 minutes each way. It leads along the western side of the garden, over the Olive May Porter Bridge, and into a wooded area which is a haven for many bird species. This whole route is accessible for wheelchair users and parents with little ones in push-chairs and definitely well worth the effort.

The Gardens are open from Monday to Friday 08:00 to 16:30 and 08:00 to 17:00 on weekends and public holidays.

For more information and current entrance fees please contact:
Tel: +27-28-2729311
Fax: +27-28-2729333
Or email: harold.porter.nbg@sanbi.org.za

Physical Address:
Corner of Clarence Drive and Broadwith Road
Bettys Bay

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