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Hathersage Farm Festive Fair

Hathersage Farm Festive Fair
The Hathersage Farm Festive Fair is an annual event which takes place on the Hathersage Farm in Somerset West, Cape Town. The fair will run over three days from the 7th October to 9th October.

The market is popular amongst locals and visitors from around the country. It is a well organised and unique fair with only the best of the best being exhibited. There will be more than 80 exhibitions, showcasing a variety of items from decor, clothing, accessories, jewellery and many other interesting and exciting gifts for all ages. There will also the popular food court where you can stock up on your favourites like jams, chutneys, olives and oils. There are also freshly baked breads, fresh fruit and vegetables and local cheeses on sale. This is the best way to shop, fresh and healthy.

Invite your friends and family to enjoy the fair with you, the atmosphere is electric with sounds of chatter and laughter in the fresh air. Be sure not to miss out.

Friday - 10am - 6pm
Saturday - 10am - 6pm
Sunday - 10am - 4pm

The whole family is welcome and will enjoy the day out. Be sure to mark these dates on your calendar.

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