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Gravity Adventure Festival

Gravity Adventure Festival
The Gravity Adventure Festival is held in Kleinmond in the Western Cape. It is an annual event and is well attended by locals and visitors from all around the country. The festival is held over a weekend and is filled with fun and excitement for almost all age groups. The whole family is invited to take part in the excitement. Some of the adventures include adventure swimming, trail running, racing, white-water kayaking, and rafting to mention only a few. The children are catered for and can take part in an exciting bike rides, running and a paddling race.

The festival offers a weekend of adventure, fantastic food, great friends sharing in a party atmosphere and to end it off, great adventure satisfaction. The Gravity Adventure Festival is well organised and focuses on true adventure. There are no motorised sports which adds to the festival's reputation.

The festival begins with the Spur River Rumble which is run by Quantum Adventures. This adventure covers river crossings, running and paddling. Each event throughout the weekend offers teams great challenges from biking, running, rope-work and micro-navigating to mention only a few. Bumps and bruises are expected along the way but for the enthusiast, it is all worth it.
The Saturday night is time for everyone to relax and enjoy some live music. Take a break from the day's adventure with lots of fun and laughter. The evening also brings great lucky draw prizes.

Spectators enjoy the weekend of thrills as much as the participants. The whole family will enjoy the time away from the busy city lifestyle.
Contact +27(0)21-683-3698 for more information.

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