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Monkey Town Primate Sanctuary

The Monkey Town Primate Sanctuary in Somerset West  © Damien du Toit, License

Monkey Town Primate Sanctuary

The Monkey Town Primate Sanctuary in Somerset West was founded by Roseline Grobler in 2000 who over the past 20 years has rescued and adopted over 270 monkeys from around the world.

Visitors to the well-designed enclosure at Monkey Town observe the monkeys from caged walk-ways allowing the monkeys to roam freely on the outside.

The zoo has both old world and new world monkeys from 25 different species, including chimpanzees, lemurs, baboon, squirrel monkeys, and capuchin monkeys.

Feeding Time Talks:
10:30am: Chimps (fruit and veg)
11:30am: Madagascan Lemurs
12:30pm: Forest Feeding (5 different species)
1:00pm: Chimps (nuts and seeds)
14:30pm: Hamadryas Sacred Baboon
15:00pm Chimps (yoghurt)

- rock swimming pool
- water slide
- jumping castles
- trampolines
- play park
- braai, picnic area
- pub and restaurant

The zoo has an open area where visitors may roam freely with squirrel monkeys, lemurs, capuchin monkeys and blue duiker. The monkeys are all quite tame and enjoy interacting with people. Note: This area is closed between 12:00 and 14:00.

The farmyard has a variety of inhabitants including rabbits, guinea fowl, a pony, chickens, turkeys, goats potbelly pigs, sheep, and tortoises.

Daily 09h00 - 17h00

Mondeor Rd, Somerset West
(on the N2, just before Sir Lowry Pass)

+27 (0) 21 858 1060

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