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Brodie Link Nature Reserve

Brodie Link Nature Reserve

The Overberg is situated in the Western Cape and offers visitors beaches, farmlands, rugged mountains, beautiful Fynbos landscapes and legendary hospitality. But its here that you will find one of the most amazing places, the Brodie Link Nature Reserve. The reserve lies between two of the areas favourite tourism spots Betty's Bay and Pringle Bay. Brodie Link Nature Reserve is a 94 hectare nature reserve links the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve with the coast.

This large reserve offers incredible walking opportunities in all directions but unfit walkers are advised against it as there are many steep and steady climbs and loose rocks. The Brodie Link Hike is a 1.5 hour walk through one of the most beautiful fynbos areas and is easily accessible. The start is almost at the halfway point on the old jeep track that runs from the Eastern end of Caesar Road to the R44. Cars can be left at either end of the jeep track. The track winds its way up the hill and not long after you reach the top, it meets another trail at a T-junction. The right hand fork takes you up a short but fairly steep section to two view sites. The left fork at the T-junction follows down towards Betty's Bay with lovely views across the bay to Hermanus. The trail curves to the right and returns to the original trail just below the two view sites. The views and amazing make this one of the favourite walks in the Overberg.

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