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Mogale City

Mogale is well known for its mining of gold, iron and many more and has developed into a beautiful modern suburb.

Nearby Mogale is the very popular Krugersdorp Game Reserve where the whole family will enjoy the day relaxing away from the busy city life and you will get to see many bird species and animals such as giraffe, hippo and zebra. You can also enjoy the adrenalin rush of the 50m Bungee Jump in the area. If the sound of climbing through caves and abseiling excites you, then this exhilirating tour is just for you where you will be taken through the caves in the Cradel of Humankind World Heritage area. The venue is used for parties and teambuilding as well as family outings. Another exciting day, night or weekend away could be spent river rafting on the Vaal river with friends and family, this is an unforgetable experience and not to be missed.

Mogale enjoys warm summer months with afternoon thunderstorms and cool to very cold winter months.
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Mogale City Accommodation, West Rand
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