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AFDA Johannesburg Annual Film Festival

AFDA Johannesburg Annual Film Festival

AFDA is one of the leading outcomes-based film schools in the world with campuses in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Each year ADFA (School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance) will unveil its highly anticipated annual film festival to the general public at the Ster Kinekor Cinema Nouveau venue in Rosebank. This film festival is a collaborative culmination of the work that AFDA students have produced comprising of a vast selection of 12 minute 3rd year and 24 minute 4th year short films. Tickets for the event are sold and guarantee a film screening package including a questions and answers session afterwards with the crew and cast of the films being viewed. . The festival also uses the audience and the critics panel to provide formal audience response scores for all graduate films. These scores form part of the students evaluation score and are also used to assess areas of excellence or inadequacy in the curriculum for the students particular year. Dont miss this exciting event that promises to deliver innovative and memorable entertainment and helps support our eclectic and pioneering student industry that will one day, change the face of South African cinema.

For more information please contact AFDA:
Tel: +27-11-4828345
Fax: +27-11-4828347
Or email: jhbcampus@afda.co.za

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