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Lion Park

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Lion Park

The Lion Park, based in Honeydew, Johannesburg is situated near Lanseria Airport and is in easy reach of both Johannesburg and Pretoria. The park is home to over 80 lions, including the rare white lion and other carnivores such as cheetah, wild dog, hyena and serval.

If you have ever watched The Lion King, you will understand why there is such a fascination and respect for this majestic beauty. Although a lion can sleep or relax for up to 20 hours in a day, these large, sociable cats have a powerful roar which can be heard up to 8km away - this reminds us why they have the title "King of the Jungle". They are the only big cats to live in groups, called prides. They work together within their prides - the females do the hunting and the males protect their pride.

If you wish to get up close and personal with some of South Africa's wildlife, then a visit to the Lion Park should be on your checklist. They offer a wide range of activities, which all ages can get involved in. The park is more interactive than a zoo, but you would get to see a lot of the animals that you would usually see at a game reserve, and sightings are guaranteed - bonus!

You are free to go on a self drive, where you drive in your own car around the lion enclosures or you have the option of going on a game drive. In Cub World, you have the option of interacting with a lion cub and there is also a giraffe feeding platform which brings you eye to eye with a giraffe that is more than happy to stretch out his long blue tongue to grab whatever is on offer.

Night drives and a meal in the boma can also be booked, which is when the lions are more active, so you may catch them doing something other than sleeping. Cheetah walks are also available to be booked.

The park has become a popular tourist destination and has had celebrity visitors such as Natalie Portman, Shakira, John Legend and Kaka, the Brazilian soccer player.

Activities available at the Lion Park:

Self drive (optional lion cub interaction)
Guided night / day drive (optional lion cub interaction)
Lion feeds
Walking with cheetahs
Feeding giraffe / ostrich
Exclusive 2 hour tour with Alex, famous lion trainer
Photographic tour

Address: C/O Malibongwe Drive and R114 Road, Lanseria, Gauteng South Africa
Phone: +27 (87) 150 0100 / +27 (11) 691 9905-11
Cell: +27 (76) 187 3883 / +27 (82) 382 4473
E-mail: info@lionpark.com

Open 365 days a year, 8h30 - 21h00



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