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Randburg from the air  © Fading, License


Randburg is an area of Johannesburg that was once its own municipality but is now incorporated into the Greater Johannesburg Municipality. The centre of Randburg is situated at the junction of Jan Smuts and Hendrik Verwoed avenues. The centre of Randburg houses the Randburg Mall and the Randburg Shopping Centre, two large centers that sit astride Oak Avenue.

Perhaps the most well-known of Randburg features is the Randburg Waterfront which is fed by the Jukskei River and is on Republic Drive to the west of the suburb. The previously named Randburg Waterfront, which included a large oval of shops and restaurants around a lake in a natural depression in Presidents Ridge, has been completely re-designed and is now called The Brightwater Commons. The Brightwater Commons is designed around the concept of an urban shopping space. It has been transformed from a stark harbour and warehouse development into a small town streetscape. This is a wonderful place to relax and watch the time ticking away.

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Randburg Accommodation, Johannesburg
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