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Museum Africa

The Museum Africa in Newtown gives visitors a glimpse into South Africa's past & in particular the Apartheid era  © dorena-wm, License

Museum Africa

Museum Africa is a fascinating window into the cultural history of South Africa. The Bushman rock paintings in the South African Rock Art Museum are one of the finest collections of San artwork in the world.

Life-like displays of shanty towns and shebeens give a true feeling of life in the townships and squatter camps of Soweto.

The ""Tried for Treason"" display documents the trial of Nelson Mandela and many other anti-Apartheid activists, that marked a pivotal event in the liberation struggle.

The ""Johannesburg Transformations"" exhibit examines the dramatic effect that gold mining has had on the economic and social development of Johannesburg. Train loads of transient workers were dislocated from their homes and families and thrown into a world of deep shaft mines by day, and hostels and shebeens by night.

A photography museum and the Museum of South African Rock Art are also located in the building.

- Newtown Cultural Precinct

- Open every day: 9:00 to 17:00 (Except Mondays )

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