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Bothongo Wonder Cave


Bothongo Wonder Cave

The Bothongo Wonder Cave is situated in the internationally well-known valley of Kromdraai, in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site amidst famous palaeontological sites containing the oldest relics of mankind. Looking out on the Kromdraai Conservancy, the Bothongo Wonder Cave is surrounded by game farms with an abundance of both wild and bird life.

This natural wonder, opened to the public in 1991, boasts an enormous single chamber, which one enters by elevator, along sidewalls decorated with beautiful formations up to fifteen meters high. Due to the size of the cave, no crawling is necessary.


Up to 14 different formations can be seen from rim stone pools, cave pearls, stalactites, stalagmites , popcorn formations, straw formations, mushroom formations and the famous Madonna.

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