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The Inflatable park at Jozi X 

Jozi X

In a park that has been specifically designed to cater for 5 to 75 year olds, Jozi X is following a tradition of offering EXCLUSIVE activities to South Africans, looking for adventure, so you have no excuse, take their advice and have the time of your life! The park has 7 various sections which are all designed to ensure maximum enjoyment. The 7 sections are, Action World, Zorb, Mountain Boarding, Big Air Krush Kushion Jump, Big Wheel Trike Drifting, Slackline Park and Parkour Gymnasium.

Action World has 8 features in a HARNESS-FREE environment where visitors can experience a world-first falling from a 9m high climbing wall or off a circus-sized trapeze with no safety lines, onto Krush Kushions!

Zorbing. For the roll of your life, climb inside the 3m diameter inflatable balls and roll down a 200m long slope. This is said to be the longest zorb ride in South Africa and definitely the most fun you can have upside down!

Mountain Boarding. If you would like to challenge your board-riding skills or even if you are a first-timer, instructors will guide you through the basics of Mountain Boarding, or assist more experienced riders in the BorderX tracks, Slope-style Park and Big-Air Jump. Equipment and padding are provided, so all you need to do is just bring your sense of adventure!

Slackline Park. Slackline is simple, fun and addictive! The sport gets everyone moving and is perfect your balance along narrow, flexible pieces of webbing, set-up at different heights, in the Park or Tree Traverse sections. Easy to learn and great for climbers, gymnasts and any visitor, to strengthen core, and improve balance and movement.

Parkour Gymnasium is the ideal place for you to perfect your art of moving in an outdoor gymnasium, catering for the Parkour athlete who wants to practice running, jumping, rolling and vaulting through all the features.

Big Air Krush Kushion Jump. Here you can learn how to do big air tricks without the big bails! The first Big Air Krush Kushion in South Africa allows you to learn tricks, flips, spins, rolls and grabs on any non-motorized discipline of your choice! The tarred and dirt runs will cater for your BMX, Mountain Boards, Rollerblades, and Skateboards etc.

Big Wheel Trike Drifting. As seen in Travis Pastramas Nirto Circus dvds, you can race down the 2 tracks, drifting and sliding through corners. Get your adrenaline fix and join the growing culture of Trike Drifters, a definite must for Bachelor Parties and Team Buildings!

JoziX can structure a teambuilding experience to suit your company needs and budget, from competing in the Skilled courses, to racing through the Speed activities, the instructors will ensure a fun-filled day for all! And if you want something more than the usual Bachelor or Bachelorette parties, then JoziX is the venue for you! From Action World, to Big Wheel Trike Drifting and more.

You are invited to visit the home base at the Corner of Main Road & Sloane Street, Bryanston, Johannesburg.

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