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Epic sky over the Magaliesburg mountains  © StormSignal, License


The small village of Magaliesburg is situated some 80 km from Johannesburg and Pretoria and is nestled at the foot of the Magaliesberg range of mountains. The mountain range has seen the establishment of numerous hotels, guest houses and resorts along its entire length. In the Eastern part of the range is to be found the Hartbeespoort Dam, a Mecca for the weekend holiday maker from Gauteng. The dam is home to almost as many different watersports as you can think of, and is an extremely popular venue.

The mountains offer many routes to rock climbers and details can be obtained from the Mountain Club of Pretoria. Hot-Air ballooning and hang-gliding are also carried out in the area. There are a great many attractions in and around the village of Magaliesburg. There is a fish farm, a trout farm, the Buffelspoort Holiday Resort, antique shops, a game lodge and a lion park, steam train rides and art galleries. The Magaliesburg region of Gauteng offers just about any tourist attraction and outdoor activity that you can imagine, and has become probably the most regularly visited region by the people of Gauteng.





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Magaliesburg Accommodation, West Rand
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