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Dutch Windmill, Randburg

Dutch Windmill, Randburg In 1940 a Dutch diamond trader know as Messais (More than likely Harry Messais or Mr Diamonds who was born in Amsterdam in 1898 and moved to South Africa in 1918) bought a property in Patrick Street, Olivedale, Randburg and built a house on it. During the Second World War Italian prisoners of war were used to do building alterations on the property. One of these projects was a sunken garden which runs alongside the other, the Dutch Windmill. The prisoners were instructed to build the windmill in accordance to a magazine illustration they were given. The windmill was not merely ornamental, it was fully functional and was used to pump water into irrigation furrows which provided water to all the chicken runs on the property. The Dutch Windmill was declared a National Monument under old NMC legislation on 10 February 1989.

The Dutch Winmill and Sunken Gardens can be found at 22 Patrick Street, Olivedale, Randburg.

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