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Johannesburg International Mozart Festival

Johannesburg International Mozart Festival
The Johannesburg International Mozart Festival is an annual event which is held in Johannesburg, South Africa. The event is well organised and popular amongst locals and visitors. The main symphony concerts and recitals will be held at UJ Theatre and Linder Auditorium.

The Mozart Festival started in 2006 and has grown each year becoming one of South Africas well loved classical music festivals. The Festival aims to bring music lovers together and to enjoy the beauty of musical excellence. Some of the performances include South African artists such as Quattro Fusion, Samson Diamond who will be performing with Melvin Peters and Godfrey Mgcina to mention only a few. There will be so much to see and do from symphony, chamber and solo concerts. There will also be a number of international artists joining the festivities.

The Festival offers a wonderful combination of classical performances which are on the highest international level, you won't be disappointed. Join in the festivities and unite with people of all backgrounds and ages in the celebration of music.

For further enquiries contact the office on +27(0)11-447-9264 or visit www.join-mozart-festival.org for more information and a full programme.

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