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Sasol Birds & Birding Fair

The Sasol Birds & Birding Fair will be held at the Johannesburg Zoo on the.

The theme for 2012 Fair is the African Fish Eagle which is currently the bird of the year. The event is one of the biggest of its kind attracts thousands of bird lovers from all around the country. There will be a variety of exhibitions, demonstrations and even guided walks where you will learn so much about the many bird species along the way.

This is definitely an outing with a difference. The whole family will learn about so much to do with birds and other interesting species. There will also be a children's play area with lots of activities. Schools are encouraged to bring tour groups and learn about the birds. The students will also get to handle some of the birds on the tour.

Feel free to join any of the workshops and lectures that are available each day. All workshops and lectures throughout the fair are at no charge, so be sure to get there early as it is arranged on a first come, first served basis.

Entry fee:
R35 per person

For more information about the fair, visit www.sasol.co.za or contact Nikki McCartney on 083-636-1060.

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