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Soweto Mushroom Festival

Soweto Mushroom Festival

The Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication in Kliptown, the historic heart of Soweto, was the stage for the media launch of the annual Soweto Mushroom Festival. Soweto taxis were the mode of transport and waiting on the square were previous winners of the Soweto Mushroom Festival Best Dish and the Rising Stars competitions ready to inspire guests with their Mushrooms a la Soweto. The media were treated to dishes that illustrated the ease with which mushrooms can be included in almost any recipe - even a local delicacy, Mopani worms, made it to the buffet table! (Not to everyones taste but it certainly made a statement!)

The annual Soweto Mushroom Festival, a sure crowd gatherer, usually takes place in Soweto during October and is once again set to celebrate the best of mushrooms throughout Soweto. Sowetans have enjoyed this festival for the past 6 years by visiting some of Sowetos hottest participating restaurants, pubs and clubs where they could indulge in a host of wonderful mushroom dishes, specially created by the individual establishments to illustrate the extraordinary flavour and versatility of fresh cultivated mushrooms. And the 2012 festival is set to continue delighting mushroom lovers and novices alike. So watch the Soweto Mushroom Festival (SMF) website on www.mushroominfo.co.za where all participating eateries will be listed from the beginning of October.

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