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Auckland Park

North of Johannesburg's CBD, Auckland Park sits on a comfortably poised lazy slope.

The houses in this suburb contain the last of the people not to migrate to the more northern areas, and just as well, as the architecture is truly amazing and definitely eye-catching (needing to be seen to be believed), so make a detour if this suburb isn't on your initial route. All of this gives Auckland Park a very vibrant, lively, rhythmic feel.

The suburb is named Auckland Park by a John Landau, originally a native of New Zealand, as it reminded him of his home in the small countries capital.

Auckland Park is also home to the SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation), and conveniently many of the corporations employees are able to live in the area. This definitely makes traveling to and from work alot easier.

Wondering what to have for lunch? Just step outside, take a stroll towards the centre of the suburb, and there you will find the sidewalks of Auckland Park buzzing with the endless activity of many restaurants, corner shops and exquisite boutiques. You will be very spoilt for choice.

Just next door, for the young and everyone wanting to have fun, is the chic and trendy club and party-zone of Melville.

Whether its going for morning tea, late lunch, or a night on the town, Auckland Park is definitely not a place you want to leave off the map. (wtsk)

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Auckland Park Accommodation, Johannesburg
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